While Pine & Gilmore typically perform at client-sponsored events and functions, every once in awhile, it is refreshing to turn the tables and become an event organizer ourselves…utilizing all we know on experience staging and design to create gatherings that can showcase our ideas in very unique ways.

These events allow Pine & Gilmore to specifically showcase their methodology and explain their steps to execution in events tailored to the material rather than a particular project.

Sometimes the events are once-and-done (such as 2008’s Authenticity Summit in Chicago, or the 2009 ten-year celebration of The Experience Economy) are even a short-run series (2012’s How-To Workshops) while others are repeated year after year to the delight of alumni and newcomers alike. All these events give individuals who are curious about our content a chance to personally experience a glimpse into our thinking, and to meet other intrepid travelers on similar journeys.

Consider one of Pine & Gilmore’s current signature events and come see for yourself what all the excitement is about and what you have to gain from the experience.


Over the past 20 years, the Experience Economy ideas first proposed have proven themselves. This year's thinkAbout event takes a look back at experiences from past years, but continues the innovation that was the true spirit from the very first event to this celebration, two decades in the making.

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