Featured Certified Experts

Below is a listing of selected Certified Experts (CEs),  a sampling  of the more than 270 professionals who have taken our official course since its introduction in 2006.

Robert Dean

Founder and Senior Consultant, Dean Learning & Talent Advisors LLC

Naperville, IL

Website: deanpeoples.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhdean/
CE #002

Dean Learning & Talent Advisors LLC is an independent consulting firm that leverages my 30 years of experience as a senior learning and development leader and practitioner in three professional services firms. I serve as a learning innovation consultant focused on designing and developing innovative learning experiences. I have leveraged my Experience Economy certification to develop a Progression of Learning Value (POLV) framework that focuses on how organizations can design, develop and deliver “Learning that Matters”. The POLV serves as a benchmark for organizations that would like to drive learning and development that has both individual and business transformational impact. Using the POLV, I have designed and delivered “life changing” learning experiences and programs for business professionals. The POLV represents a unique point of view that my clients have embraced, and has also been the inspiration for a Learning and Development Governance Model.

Diane S. Hopkins

Owner, FREAKTHINK Consulting

Lancaster, PA

Website: www.chiefmomentofficer.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diane-stover-hopkins-a49a084/
CE #003

I consult with healthcare and non-healthcare clients to develop comprehensive Customer Experience and Innovation Culture strategies for sustainable high performance.  Advisory support includes culture assessments, co-creation workshop design and facilitation and experience design project review and leadership. I was one of the first Chief Experience Officers in the healthcare industry. I work with companies to improve enterprise-wide competencies to thoughtfully and deliberately design exceptional experiences.  I have extensive experience guiding organizations to engage staff at all levels to build a more innovative problem-solving workforce.  I am the author of Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers and am available for speeches, workshop design and facilitation, strategy and content development.  Clients have included: Medline, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Laerdal, Atlantic Health System, Mount Carmel Health System, Freedom Healthworks, Holy Redeemer Health System.  I am on the faculty at Pennsylvania College of Health Science and founding faculty at the University of Notre Dame Innovation Mentor program.

The Experience Economy Expert Certification was extremely valuable in refining the overall framework and content for my consulting offerings and teaching.  The training allowed me to broaden my view of experience strategy by exploring concepts from many different industries with ongoing access to the wisdom of a community of experience economy colleagues.

Shareef Mahdavi

President, SM2 Strategic

Pleasanton, CA

Website: https://www.sm2strategic.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shareefmahdavi/
CE #010

I started SM2 following 16 years as a medical device sales and marketing executive. We work with select doctors’ practices as well as med device and pharma companies that want to serve their customers’ needs in unique and memorable ways. My mission is to help doctors understand that their patients are also their customers. I find true joy helping doctors become smarter about how to run their medical practices. We utilize what we know about serving customers in business to help them be better in serving patients in health care. I do a lot of writing (articles, blog, textbook chapters) for the MD community and it serves as a great way to spread awareness and exposure to everything from customer service basics to the staging of experiences. I draw from Experience Economy frameworks and principles as well as the abundance of resources that Jim and Joe have exposed me to over the years. It was an honor to become Certified Expert #10 in the very first class. I’ve used what I know in lectures, writing, and consulting. I keep in touch with a handful of colleagues from my class as well as others that came behind me and come from the ophthalmic industry. The ROI on this has been “infinite” (as Joe Pine would say).

Pål K. Medhus

Experience Stager & Inspirator, Høve Støtt as / Idea Farmer

Hol, Norway

Website: https://www.hovestott.no/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/p%C3%A5l-knutsson-medhus-61b26216/
CE #052

Høve Støtt AS and Opplevelseskurset.no has led the way in the development of experiences in Norway since 2006, and is especially renowned within the tourism industry. Our strengths are the ability to see practical solutions, communication, and dissemination. My greatest strength is finding creative solutions based on each company’s raw materials and resources, and I love that my staging gives each company added value for both the producers and the public. I have a direct and practical approach to the Experience Economy as well as with all the other tools in my arsenal for the last 15 years. I have experience from production of experiences within tourism, the stage, as well as from various dissemination endeavors. Meeting and getting certified with Pine & Gilmore in 2009 was decisive for me. Understanding and interpreting the fantastic tools, which are the foundation of the Pine & Gilmore Experience Economy, has transformed me into a clear, operational, and problem-solving experience expert. There is no doubt that the tools we know so well, and have used with so many different companies, are rock-solid and make a huge difference.

James W. Cummings

Vice President, CXO, F.D., Life Celebration Inc.

North Wales, PA

Website: www.lifecelebration.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-cummings-39bb28b/
CE #057

We are a group of licensed funeral directors who have built a “Touch point” training curriculum, communication system and digital print infrastructure that co-creates the most effective grieving-healing and celebratory environment in funeral service today.  My role provides me clear insight into the communication (or more likely the lack thereof) throughout what we refer to as the “Touchpoints” — when a family experiences the loss of a loved one and contacts a funeral home. Through our curriculum I can review and dissect what is being communicated by funeral home staff with grieving families and then weave in our frameworks and methodologies to help the funeral director stage a celebratory and healing environment for everyone.  My Experience Economy Expert Certification has provided me an incredible resource or “Tool Kit” to consistently draw from depending on the psychological, physical and logistical circumstances that a funeral home and its staff are faced with at the time of a loss. I think most importantly it has provided a platform for our company to understand that we can draw from numerous resources — those being people, instruments and models such as the 4E’s, 5 Senses, T-H-E-M-E, the POEV, and our Circle of Life model to name just a few.

Michael Merk

Chief Communications Officer, designvox

East Grand Rapids, MI

Website: www.designvox.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-merk
CE #098

Designvox is a human-centered design firm. Since 1994, we’ve helped clients solve complex problems by first understanding who we design for and what they need. We believe there are things you can only learn by listening to, caring about, and gaining empathy with people. When you start with people, you can create experiences that could change their lives. As a member of the leadership team and communication expert, my role is to position the firm toward strategic stakeholders to win business through global corporate communications expertise and tools. In this role I combine my communication expertise with design-thinking methods to establish communication tools aligned with a human-centered design process with customers in various industries (corporate, universities and not-for-profit). I consider the certification and touchpoints with Jim Gilmore as highlights in my career. It provided me a personal toolbox and thinking framework to make a difference in various situations from naming to experience staging as a communications executive with peers, clients, team members, or C-suite.

Jordi Loef

Founder, the businessmodellers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website: www.thebusinessmodellers.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordiloef/
CE #131

We are an investment firm, making money available for dreams, guts and a great plan. We not only invest, but also guide entrepreneurs to their own success. We focus on the happiness of all stakeholders. When making a decision to invest, we first try to understand the motivation (BHAG) of the entrepreneur(s). We work together to sophisticate their businessmodel and then we make a decision to invest or not. This fit is important, because we are also involved in daily operations to make sure customers/guests are always at the center of decisions. My role is therefore more person-based and less company-based. The Experience Economy Certification process helped me make decisions in whom I would like to invest in and whom not. If they believe in the experience economy, it is much more likely there is a better fit between the entrepreneur and us. Really acknowledging the value that is created due to working with experience economy principles helps grow and sophisticate the business.

Dennis Moseley-Williams

Founder, DMW Strategic Consulting

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Website: https://moseleywilliams.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-moseley-williams-b286914/
CE #203

Bringing the Experience Economy to the financial services industry. We provide premium consulting services and strategy development for clients who want to be more relevant and meaningful to their audience. We turn processes and predictability into personality and stories about great businesses that spread. We are leading the way in the financial services industry, advocating that it is time to shift away from merely selling investments and advice, to guiding personal transformations for clients. I speak and write about how entrepreneurs and businesses can do more work that matters, facilitate experiences that create an impact and start a conversation, and of course what exactly customer experience is, and why it matters. The Certification Course was comprehensive and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. I’d recommend to anyone to strongly consider enrolling. Mastering the frameworks has enabled me to better help my clients understand the rules and frameworks of experience design and staging.

Kevin M. Dulle

Director, Experience Innovations, NewGround

St. Louis, MO

Website: wwww.newground.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevindulle
CE #204

NewGround is an architectural design firm which believes that a new building has the potential to be a business’ greatest impression on the world. It is also your most visible relationship with your community, which is why we start with strategy when crafting solutions.  My role involves applying the principles of the Experience Economy to both internal and external engagements. My primary focus is on strategy development. I leverage the power of visual translations to help our teams and clients to see their ideas and begin believing their goals are possible through visual maps. My Certification has dramatically changed the Why, How and What I do in strategy development and programming. I have come to embrace and apply the power of visual translation by engaging others to create idea maps, goal paths and visual explanations of complex processes. I even help authors and presenters to tell a more memorable story. I follow a simple but powerful formula; ‘Imagine – See – Believe – Do.’ I stage thinking experiences.

Tom Frisby

Serious Shift Guide, DMW Strategic Consulting

Vernon, BC, Canada

Website: https://moseleywilliams.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomfrisby/
CE #259

We are bringing the Experience Economy to the financial services industry. We provide premium consulting services and strategy development for clients who want to be more relevant and meaningful to their audience. We turn processes and predictability into personality and stories about great businesses that spread. Bottom line is that I transform my clients into better business owners who, in turn, progress the economic value they offer their clients. I work closely with individual clients to help them dial in the Services stage of their business and then guide them as they retool their value offering to provide Transformative Experiences to those they serve. The environment of business is always shifting. The financial services industry is in a period of transition as competitive forces commoditize the traditional value points that financial advisors relied on. Gaining knowledge and understanding of the practical application of the Experience Economy through Certification has enriched me personally and professionally. It has also helped me provide clients a pathway to understanding the transition going on around them and how they can adapt and thrive in their new reality.

Susan Crow

Director, Customer Engagement, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Lancaster, PA

Website: https://www.lancastergeneralhealth.org
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/crowsusan/
CE #262

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, a member of the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Penn Medicine), is a 786-licensed bed not-for-profit health system with a comprehensive network of care. Lancaster General Health’s dedication to advancing the health and well-being of our community remains at the core of our mission. I have the privilege of serving a team that supports our organization through customer engagement. We aim to provide experiences for patients, their loved ones, and employees that facilitate the best possible outcomes.  We identify opportunities for celebration and improvement through satisfaction surveys, advisory panels and direct observation. I earned my Certification in August of 2018 so I am an Experience Economy newbie.  In my class of eleven I was the only one representing healthcare and I found this to be quite valuable in the learning process — I truly believe that healthcare has a lot to learn about customer experience from other industries, particularly hospitality and technology.  At LGH we are very fortunate to have a senior leadership team that recognizes experience as one of our 5 organizational pillars and we will soon be hosting our first system-wide customer experience workshop which we hope will become an annual event.

Søren Røn

Program Director and Co-Owner, Next Step Challenge

Esbjerg, Denmark

Website: www.nextstepchallenge.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/s%C3%B8ren-r%C3%B8n-b706084/
CE #263

Next Step Challenge is a company that facilitates innovation and collaboration between larger corporates, SME’s, knowledge institutions, cluster organizations and mentors. We run the international growth program and have been doing so since 2013. As a program director I have the responsibility to develop our program within the three industries of Experience Economy & Tourism, Energy Efficient Technologies and Offshore Industry. We always ensure it matches the needs of our customers and partners – delivering value to the transformational journey of their businesses and we constantly focus on the processes that can enhance a business in taking further steps to becoming a market leader. Being a CE has helped my work in multiple ways. Of course there is a direct link to working with the participating companies within our Experience Economy program, but many of the other companies also get value from focusing on how they can create more value to their customers by using the principles of the experience economy. Also we arrange finals every year and it goes without saying that the experience economy principles come into application here.