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In 1998, Pine & Gilmore conceived of a business gathering that embodied their principles of staging experiences, and that would attract like-minded professionals from companies large and small, near and far.

Rather than waiting for the world to invent it, they decided to create and stage it themselves.

The one cardinal rule: it cannot be just another conference.

So was born thinkAbout.

Since the very first event in November 1998 and through the 20th anniversary event in September 2017, more than 900 explorers, practitioners, and evangelists of the Experience Economy gathered to join Pine & Gilmore at this annual pilgrimage.


Because they desperately needed a unique space and visionary guidance to explore, share, interact, and network with others leading the way in the Experience Economy. Pine & Gilmore designed and directed each thinkAbout (held in a different city every year) as a series of staged experiences that fostered creativity, innovation, learning, and idea exchange using highly interactive techniques, intense individual and group participation, and free-form exploration. True to its word, it was not “just another conference.”

Now after twenty events, the annual public thinkAbout has taken its final bow.

To everyone who attended since 1998 – whether you came to just one event, or to many -- a huge THANK YOU for joining us on our various learning journeys through the Experience Economy all across the United States. It was quite a ride!

What's Next

And now, rather than a once-a-year public event, we are making thinkAbout possible for companies that want to stage their own one-of-a-kind exploration of the Experience Economy. We call it thinkAbout4U – a highly customized and portable version of our flagship event where companies can expose teams to the same thinkAbout runplans, content, and facilitation techniques that made our flagship offering such a phenomenon.

For more information on thinkAbout4U, check out our new page!

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