A sampling of current appearances; many are invitation only. Most private company engagements are not listed.

Below you’ll find a list of current Pine and Gilmore speaking appearances and events. Although most appearances are by invitation only, several are open for registration. Check back frequently to see when Pine and Gilmore are speaking near you next. Or, look into one of our private group learning events to find out which of our offerings are best for your business needs.

Most private company engagements are not listed below, but begin by checking with us for information on speaking fees and availability to find out what choices are best for your business or association. Pine and Gilmore speeches are specially tailored for audiences and always involve the most relevant and applicable idea from our body of work.

Joe Pine

Differentiating Your Product Offer in Today’s Experience Economy
Akeneo Webinar
January 29, 2020
11:00am EST

The New Experience Economy
Harvard Business Review Webinar
January 30, 2020
12:00pm EST

Real Estate Development in the Experience Economy
Entertainment Experience Evolution Conference
February 11, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

The Experience Economy: The New Frontier for Economic Value Creation
University of Minnesota
February 20, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

For information on speaking fees and availability, contact us at +1 (330) 995-4680 or email us at Explore@strategicHorizons.com

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