The CXO Forum

The CXO Forum

An exclusive cross-industry membership community
specifically designed for Chief Experience Officers.

What Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore described in their 1999 book The Experience Economy has now come to fruition: companies across the globe and in most every industry are now in pursuit of creating truly engaging experiences for their customers.  In response, many enterprises have created Chief Experience Officer roles to define and develop meaningful experience-enriching capabilities.  However, CXOs are often left alone in their organizations to figure out what this new position should really entail – which differs from company to company, and industry to industry. And useful perspective is hard to find, as neither business schools nor industry conferences are offering the necessary educational and fraternal resources needed by CXOs.

Enter The CXO Forum

Pine & Gilmore have designed the definitive growth and learning resource for today’s Chief Experience Officer.Star logo CXO ForumBeginning in 2019, The CXO Forum will be a year-long program featuring live gatherings as well as support resources designed to accelerate both the personal and professional growth and influence of today’s CXO. With an intimately-sized group of invitation-only members, The CXO Forum will be a gathering space for active learning and collaboration that will foster and feed the thinking needed to thrive as a successful leader in today’s Experience Economy.

Through The Forum, CXOs will explore current assumptions, position structure, and functional activities (as well as challenges & obstacles) in the search for new possibilities and opportunities for impact. Along the way they will be equipped with counsel from Pine & Gilmore as well as new thinking tools and frameworks that re-shape their perspective. And through collaboration with cross-industry CXOs they‘ll discover what’s been tried, what has worked, and what needs to change.

The goal is to translate this new thinking into daily activities and help elevate the CXO position into its rightful place in the corporate C-suite. This will be vital in instilling the mindset of experiences into organizational culture.

Expert, personal guidance.  Cross-industry learning. Invaluable connections. The benefits of The CXO Forum simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Joining The CXO Forum

Membership in The CXO Forum Hands stacked togetheris by invitation only and limited to CXOs or the senior-most executive directly responsible for experiences. The goal is a highly engaged group of cross-industry CXOs that bring real-world issues and opportunities from their daily work directly into The Forum.

If you believe you qualify and would like complete details, please fill out and submit the brief form below for consideration. Pine & Gilmore will be extending personal invitations between now and January 2019 when the inaugural year of The CXO Forum begins. Membership will be filled on a first-come/first-in basis, so interested executives are encouraged to contact us soon.

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Note: No direct competitors of any current member companies will be invited into The CXO Forum, nor will consultants or other firms who would seek to sell to Forum members.