Executive Education

Executive education sessions are an ideal way to help a collection of managers and executives richly explore their competitive options and learn new perspectives on competition. Sessions can range from an individual appearance at a strategy retreat, to multiple corporate sessions scheduled over time, to integration with the curriculum at a higher education institution. The goal is to ensure that the executive team has a full understanding of the range of models, principles, and practices of a particular topic area, and to bring together a coherent set of operating principles to guide future initiatives.

Pine & Gilmore's content can be easily adapted to fit into a company or university's existing executive education structure. These sessions can be a powerful approach to helping executives create a common understanding of the current phenomena in the world of business - and then develop ideas for how to respond to a fast-changing environment.

Private Group sessions are designed and scheduled once we have learned the client situation and needs. Contact us at +1 (330) 995-4680 or email us at Explore@StrategicHorizons.com to schedule an initial discussion.

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