Media Coverage

As subject matter experts, Pine & Gilmore are often quoted, interviewed, and referenced in media outlets, both in print and online.

Browse through these selections, which include brief descriptions of each piece:


CWRU The Daily | August 2023

“Meet Jim Gilmore”

A profile on Jim Gilmore with a focus on his avid love of reading and books, and the origins of his work with Joe Pine.


World Experience Organization Campfire | May 2022

“How to Design for Transformation”

In this piece from the WXO, Joe explores the imperatives companies should consider when designing experiences that elicit personal transformation.

Hotel Technology News | May 2022

“Spotlight Interview: Joe Pine”

In this interview Joe discusses the evolving hotel experience and the deepening role played by technology.


Modern Law | August 2021

“The Experience Economy”

Modern Law Magazine sat down with Joe Pine to discover more about
his work and how it can help transform the experiences that law firms offer.

Anstice aCast | March 2021

“The Experience Economy Revisited”

Joe Pine shares his 20-year perspective on the new insights and enduring ideas published in the most recent version of The Experience Economy in this podcast.

Thrive School Podcast | March 2021

“Embrace the Experience Economy to Delight Every Customer”

Joe Pine discusses the Experience Economy with a focus on small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Intuitive Customer Podcast | February 2021

“Is This the Future of Events Post Pandemic?”

Joe Pine discusses how the pandemic changed in-person events, trade shows, and conferences for the better and what we can learn from going virtual.

The Financial Brand | January 2021

“How to Win in the Experience Economy”

Podcast featuring Jim Gilmore, discussing how digital delivery changes the game in staging financial experiences.


Transformational Travel Council | December 2020

“Edges of Light Talk Show”

In this video interview, Joe Pine discusses how experiences, when met with intention, reflection, meaning-making, and action, can ultimately become transformational.

Cast & Hue | December 2020

“What will the Experience Economy be in 2021?”

In this podcast, Joe Pine explains what hybrid digital and physical experiences might look like in a post-pandemic future, and the important role that employee experience plays in the experience economy.

Hotel Online | December 2020

“The Post-Pandemic Hotel Experience”

Interview with Joe Pine conducted by hotel consultant Larry Mogelonsky, discussing the effects of COVID on the travel and hospitality industry.

Boundaryless Conversations | November 2020

“Experience Platforms: Staging Experiences through an Ecosystem”

In this podcast, Joe Pine talks about how experience platforms are moving to the next level of staging experiences through their ecosystems.

Intersections | November 2020

“A Conversation with Joe Pine”

Hosts Brian Solis and John Kao discuss the Experience Economy with Joe in this podcast.

Nevada Public Radio | November 2020

“Embrace the Experience”

Joe Pine shares insights into how experiences will look post-coronavirus — and how everyone from convention planners to retail managers can prepare for the change. (Scroll down for the story, second in the list.)

everyday entrepreneurs everywhere | October 2020

“Interview with Joe Pine”

Conversational podcast interview with Joe Pine featuring host Chris Parker of ebullient.

INC Magazine | October 2020

“Read Any Good Books Lately? It Could Help Save Your Business”

Nice commentary on the continued relevance of The Experience Economy, 20 years after its original publication.

The Groundswell Marketing Podcast | September 2020

“Authenticity the Real Strategy”

In this podcast, Joe Pine does a deep dive into why being genuine is more relevant today than ever before to develop trust.

The New York Times | May 2020

“Coronavirus Shut Down the ‘Experience Economy.’ Can It Come Back?”

It’s often said that any publicity is good publicity, so we’re glad to see attention to the importance of a thriving Experience Economy in this recent New York Times article. Our take? We think any restoration of economic prosperity will require experiences ─ redesigned ones, whole new ones, certainly safer ones, and most critically, ones meaningful enough for people to consider them worthy of their time, attention, and money. Let’s all help make that happen. — Joe & Jim

Worthix Voices of CX | April 2020

“The Experience Economy is All About Time Well-Spent”

Joe Pine is interviewed by Mary Drumond, Chief Marketing Officer at survey tech startup Worthix, and host of the Voices of Customer Experience Podcast. | April 2020

“The Experience Economy with James Gilmore”

In this podcast Jim Gilmore talks about how to improve your employee behavior and keep customers and business refreshed.

EXHIBITOR Magazine | March 2020

“Game Changer”

Jim Gilmore reflects on his contention that experiences are as valuable as products and services and predicts what the future holds for experiential marketing.

PCMA Convene Magazine | February 2020

“The Rise of the Experience Economy”

Summary of an interview with Pine & Gilmore on how the Experience Economy has changed people’s expectations when it comes to attending events.


“Successful Retail Centers Set the Stage for a Great Visitor Experience”

Coverage of Joe Pine’s speech at the 2020 Entertainment Experience Evolution Conference, with a specific focus on retail. | January 2020

“What’s the future of experience?”

The experience economy may be booming, but what can it deliver next as consumers tire of the endless attempts to engage them? An interview with Jim Gilmore.


Fast Moving Targets | December 2019

“Hoe exclusiever deervaring, hoe hoger de prijs”

Videotaped interview with Joe Pine for Fast Moving Targets magazine in the Netherlands, discussing the changes in the Experience Economy in the 20 years since the book’s original publication.

Experience Matters | November 2019

“Discussing the Experience Economy with Joe Pine”

Nice Joe Pine interview with Qualtrics’ Bruce Temkin on the re-release of The Experience Economy.

Tortoise | May 2019

“Are You Experienced?”

Article from online UK publication discussing the shift in spending toward experiences and the growing driver of social media, with commentary from Joe Pine.

The New York Times Magazine | May 2019

“Can an Art Collective Become the Disney of the Experience Economy?”

Great article that profiles Meow Wolf, an art collective start-up coming into its own with major project work and a big vision on designing immersive and interactive art experiences (and anchoring a new experiential retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas.) This piece specifically references the Experience Economy and Pine & Gilmore’s original 1998 HBR article.

The Boston Globe | February 2019

“At Yaymaker events, it’s about experiences, not products”

Joe Pine comments on a feature profiling a new experience platform that capitalizes on the maker movement.

Business of Fashion | February 2019

“The Pitfalls of Investing in Experiential Retail”

Retailers still have to get the execution right if they wade into staging in-store experiences, in this article containing commentary from Joe Pine.


Medium | December 2018

“Cashing In On The Experience Economy”

Well-researched article on new genres of experiences in today’s Experience Economy, with a focus on generational differences (and similarities), with commentary by Joe Pine.

The Innovation Show Podcast | November 2018

“Infinite Possibility”

This episode of The Innovation Show podcast features a discussion with Joe Pine and Kim Korn on the ideas from their book Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier.

THINK Magazine | September 2018

“The Experience Economy Revisited”

Profile on Jim Gilmore from Case Western Reserve University.

Business Day | July 2018

“How business is capitalising on the millenial Instagram obsession”

This feature article that originally appeared in the Financial Times of London is ALL about the Experience Economy and millennials, particularly on how new Japanese companies are leading the way.

Cleveland Magazine | April 2018

“The Final Days of Big Fun”

Story highlighting the closure of a nostalgia-rich Cleveland retail institution, with perspective from Jim Gilmore on the overall climate for retail and the new value consumers desire.

Extraordinary with Tobias Dahlberg podcast | March 2018

“Joe Pine on Designing Value”

In this podcast Joe Pine discusses how to help companies create greater economic value for their individual, living breathing customers — it’s all about individualization. It includes introductions of two new concepts that Joe is working on: customering and regenerative managing.

Business of Fashion | February 2018

“Cracking Luxury’s Customisation Challenge”

An article discussing the progress and the challenges that luxury clothing brands are facing as they consider a mass customization strategy, with commentary from Joe Pine.


Best Cultural Destinations | December 2017

“Interview: Joe Pine & Cultural Tourism”

A podcast interview with Joe Pine discussing the Experience Economy and Authenticity in the context of cultural heritage tourism.

Minnesota Business | April 2017

“Innovation Begins with Observation”

Interview with Jim Gilmore on the ideas in his latest book, LOOK.

Convene Magazine | March 2017

“Through the Looking Glasses”

An interview with Jim Gilmore who discusses the applications of the ideas from his book LOOK to the world of event planning & design.

Creative Group | February 2017

“Interview with Joseph Pine on Experiential Trends”

Joe Pine’s take on trends happening in the meetings and events industry, with a mention of our own thinkAbout event.

Salon Today | February 2017

“Exploring Experiences”

Interview with Jim Gilmore in support of his speaking engagement for the International SalonSpa Business Network, discussing how his ideas relate to the salon industry.

Miami Herald | January 2017

“How Carnival revolutionized its guest experience with super-smart tech”

Feature story on Joe Pine’s client Carnival Corp. which has introduced new wearable location technology that collects information about guests and uses it to create highly personalized experiences on board its ships — bringing together the promise of Mass Customization and the Experience Economy in one groundbreaking project. Bonusclick here to watch Carnival’s CEO make the big announcement at CES in Las Vegas, with Joe joining him on stage at the 38:20 minute mark of the video.

1to1 Media Online | January 2017

“2017 Predictions for a Wow Customer Experience Future”

Expert opinions on the near future of customer experiences, including a perspective from Joe Pine.

2016 | December 2016

“Top Ten Business Books of 2016”

Jim Gilmore’s latest book LOOK mentioned as one of the best books of the year by Forbes contributor Shep Hyken.

Business of Fashion | December 2016

“Is Health & Wellness the New Luxury?”

Companies in the business of luxury should take note of the shift towards experiences — with commentary from Joe Pine on his long-predicted next phase of consumerism as people yearn for transformation.

National Public Radio Atlanta | November 2016

“Atlanta Developer Woos Customers Away From Online Retailers”

Story of an Atlanta mall developer’s efforts to remake the shopping experience to compete with online retailers, with commentary from Joe Pine.

Minneapolis Star Tribune | September 2016

“In the Age of Data, Businesses Can’t Forget About Observation”

Wonderful commentary from a reporter who attended Jim Gilmore’s speech at the 2016 EPIC Conference at the University of Minnesota — discussing his latest book, LOOK.

Amazing Busines Radio | September 2016

“Jim Gilmore Shares Tips From His Latest Book, LOOK”

In an Internet radio interview, Jim Gilmore shares tips on improving observational skills and how to gain different perspectives that will help you become more successful at work – and especially with customers.

Business of Fashion | September 2016

“The Ten Commandments of New Consumerism”

Joe Pine quoted throughout this article discussing changes in shopping habits and what it means for brands and retailers.

Forbes Online | July 2016

“Are We Living in the Experience Economy?”

Podcast interview with Joe Pine discussing what businesses can do to improve the customer experience.

The Art of Value podcast | June 2016

“To Increase Value, Create An Experience”

Podcast interview with Joe Pine, focused on You Are What You Charge For, including transformations.

Pricing Power podcast | May 2016

“Guide Your Customers to Change”

In this podcast Joe Pine discusses business transformations, including mass customization, experience staging, and customer sacrifice.

Business of Fashion | May 2016

“Is the New Luxury a Better You?”

Great article on the Transformation Economy with commentary by Joe Pine, and including the Progression of Economic Value model.

INC Magazine | April 2016

“The Real History of America’s Most Authentic Fake Brand”

Feature article on fast-growing retailer Shinola, featuring commentary from Jim Gilmore on the brand’s authenticity.

WWD | April 2016

“The Real History of America’s Most Authentic Fake Brand”

Feature article on fast-growing retailer Shinola, featuring commentary from Jim Gilmore on the brand’s authenticity.


Compass Magazine | November 2015

“Beyond the IOT”

Article in Dassault Systemes’ magazine on the Internet of Experiences featuring commentary from Joe Pine.

Business of Fashion | August 2015

“Why Fashion Retailers Are Staging Food Experiences”

Great piece on why so many brands are adding cafes and restaurants, quoting Joe Pine several times.

Compass Magazine | May 2015

“Rise of the CXO”

Feature article on the growth of this emerging corporate position, featuring commentary from Joe Pine as well as a number of our own Certified Experience Economy Experts.

CNN Online | March 2015

“The problem with the Hillary Clinton brand”

Recent article on presidential aspirations and the role of authenticity, featuring commentary from Jim Gilmore.

VeraSage Institute | March 2015

“The Experience Economy: Interview with Joseph Pine”

An interview with Joe Pine on VoiceAmerica Radio, hosted by Ron Baker from The Soul of the Enterprise.

The Engaging Brand | January 2015

“What is the Experience Economy?”

Podcast interview with Joe Pine featuring The Engaging Brand’s Anna Farmery.


The New York Time | December 2014

“Quenching Consumers’ Thirst for Authentic Brands”

Great article on the contemporary consumer landscape through the authenticity lens, with commentary from Jim Gilmore.

Adobe Online | December 2014

“The Age of Digital Experiences”

An interview with Joe Pine as he shares a view into the evolving edge of the experience economy as 2014 draws to a close.

Nordicum | November 2014

“UX Marks the Spot”

Interview with Joe Pine discussing the advancements in Mass Customization since his 1992 book.

COLLOQUY Magazine | September 2014

“Pining for Memorable Experiences: A Q&A with B. Joseph Pine II”

Interview with Joe Pine where he previews his presentation at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit, and advises marketers to shift their investments from advertising to engagement.

Genesys Blog | June 2014

“Customer Experience Q&A with Joseph Pine”

Interview recap from a discussion with Joe Pine, prior to his speaking appearance at a client event in London.

NPR Radio | May 2014

“Is Authenticity Real?”

Interview with Joe Pine based on his 2004 TED Talk, published online and broadcast on NPR stations.

SAP Blog | January 2014

“The Future of Resources: How Mass Customization Will Reduce Waste”

Interview with Joe Pine on how mass customization is a wonderful tool in the efficient manegement of resources, the curtailing of waste, and the promotion of sustainability.


Business of Fashion | October 2013

“SuperPier’s Supercharged Plans for Retail Entertainment Hub”

Story on unconventional retail development design to lure customers in the age of digital, with Joe Pine commentary on direct consumer engagement.

Wine Tourism Conference | October 2013

“Pretty is Nice But There is More to Making Wine Tourists Return”

Nice blog piece from a Ph.D. using Pine & GIlmore’s 4-E model to study wine tourism. | September 2013

“Are You Faux Real?”

Great opinion piece on the rise and role of Authenticity, citing Pine & Gilmore’s work.

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. | September 2013

“Handbook on the Experience Economy”

Featuring contributiosn by Pine & Gilmore, this illuminating Handbook reflects diverse scientific viewpoints from disciplines including management, mainstream economics and sociology to provide a comprehensive overview.

The New York Times | August 2013

“High Culture Goes Hands-On”

Exploring the world of modern museum design and visitor engagement, and the remifications on the traditional role and image of museums.

BRW Online | August 2013

“Why you need to do better by your existing digital customers”

How a robust digital customer experience can help create new revenue from existing customers. | February 2013

“Define Your Own Meeting Design”

In this article our own Jim Gilmore shares insights and new thinking on the meeting design paradigm — and how to introduce some unconventional and unexpected techniques for new meeting value.

University of Porto | January 2013

“FEP Working Paper”

A working paper published by the University of Porto School of Business, assessing the influence of the 1998 HBR article by Pine & Gilmore, “Welcome to the Experience Economy”.


MWorld | Fall 2012

“Personal Transformation in the Experience Economy”

Interview with Joe Pine focused on transformations, appearing in the American Management Association’s quarterly publication. | March 2012

“100 Minds from Around the World”

As part of celebrating their 100th anniversary, Steelcase created the Steelcase 100, in part to showcase the “brilliance of 100 great minds from enterprise…” Among those selected to join this esteemed group is our very own Jim Gilmore, who shares his thoughts on what the next 100 years may bring.

Canvas8 | January 2012

“Mass Customisation, Two Decades On”

Interview with Joe Pine discussing the advancements in Mass Customization since his 1992 book.


Youtube: NedGraphicsTube | October 2011

“NedSense Loft with Joe Pine”

Joe’s opening line in this video by Nedsense says it all: “Today we are limited only by our imaginations, and of that there is no end.”

The Age | October 2011

“Custom-built: avoiding the cookie cutter approach”

Since Markets of One was published in 2000, online technologies have matured to allow customers to customize purchases to their own specifications.

Innovation Management | October 2011

“Economic Value Creation Through the Experience Economy”

The Experience Economy is accelerated by the current global crisis according to Joe Pine. People don’t want more stuff, in this post-growth global economy people start questioning what they really value and that is experiences.

Bloomberg Business Week | August 2011

“Behind Five Guys’ Beloved Burgers”

Carnivores keep coming back to the Five Guys burger chain for the authentic vibe as much as the beef. But maintaining it throughout the franchise is no simple task. As Jim Gilmore explains, Five Guys stores seem to say, in the most loving way possible, “Shut up, sit down, and eat.”

Forbes | June 2011

“Zapos, Zappoz, or Zappos: Why Typos Are Good For Your Brand”

In a rare misstep, Zappos encounters some backlash for editing customer reviews and posts for grammar and spelling. Why the heat? Because as Jim Gilmore, cited in the article, explains “humans crave authenticity from each other and from brands.” One might even say authenticity helps render soul to the sole.


USA Today | December 2010

“Frequent travelers share tips for keeping valuables safe”

In this USA Today article, road warrior Jim Gilmore contributes his own hard won tips for those who travel less frequently — best tip? When in leaving your hotel room, stash your laptop in the bag with the dirty laundry.

Crains New York Business | November 2010

“e-Retailers tailor their offerings to find buyers”

Not to be outdone by Business Week on the mass customized chocolate beat, this Crains New York Business article references another custom chocolate maker,, and quotes Joe Pine on mass customization – not so much about chocolates but the custom shirts you risk ruining when you eat it.

Hospitality Design | October 2010

“Experience Economists”

Hospitality Design Guest Editor (and EXPY recipient) Chip Conley interviews Pine & Gilmore in this piece touching on important elements of experience staging, including one aspect that Conley’s Joie de Vivre hotel chain excels at . . . themeing.

Business Week | September 2010

“Jobless Grads Bet on Custom-Made Chocolates”

Joe Pine points out that mass customization is a great way for a small player or start-up to differentiate itself in the market, because mass producers frequently ignore this customer niches.

Calgary Herald | September 2010


In the Calgary Herald writer Richard White reflects on lessons learned during his summer vacation and how the city could enhance its urban vitality and livability. Among his ideas . . . “unique experiences and attractions”, including a handy reference from the pages of The Experience Economy. | September 2010

“Jim Gilmore on thinkAbout”

Thomas Mulready of interviews Jim Gilmore about the amazing people, ideas, and connections that you can expect when coming to the annual thinkAbout event — and does it while in line at his local Starbucks. How appropriate!

Entrepreneur Magazine | August 2010

“What You Need to Know about TED”

To help give readers a sense of the power of the annual TED Conference, Chris Reiss and Entrepreneur filtered through hundreds of TED speakers and curated a TED conference lineup of some of the best. Included in the list of the best of the best . . . yep . . Joe Pine’s TED presentation on “What Consumers Want”.

strategy+business | August 2010

“What Experience Would You Like with That?”

Writer Theodore Kinni pens five great pages on the impact experiences had, are having, and will continue to have in the future – both for business and consumers. Leading the pack among the assembled thought leaders sharing their ideas, our very own Pine & Gilmore. Well worth the registration.

QSR Magazine | August 2010

“One Sauce Doesn’t Fit All”

Sauces, condiments, dips, and dressings — early harbingers of a mass customized world. Served with a side of Pine. Now that’s spicy!

Washington Monthly | August 2010

“Campus Tours Go Disney”

Friends of the firm, Jeff Kallay and Trent Gilbert of consulting firm TargetX are shaking up the world of campus tours – with a little help from The Experience Economy. One reason why Jeff was an early recipient of the “EMA award”. Rock on guys! | July 2010

“What Should Harley Do Now?”

Joe Pine shares his thoughts on how Harley-Davidson, back from the brink and going hog wild, needs to appeal to its next generation of riders. The key – be authentic!

National Post | July 2010

“Banff aims to keep mountain town authentic”

The tourist city of Banff, Alberta Canada recognizing its need to be perceived as authentic. As Joe Pine points out in the article “Authenticity is becoming the new consumer sensibility, the primary criterion by which people decided where to go and what to buy. They want to buy the real from the genuine, even if they don’t know what that is.”

Design & Emotion | June 2010

“Getting Emotional With. . . Joe Pine”

An wide-ranging interview with Joe Pine, delving into his early years thinking and writing first about Mass Customization, then on the Experience Economy and later Authenticity. Each stop yielding a groundbreaking book along the way. Now, Joe reveals his latest source of inspiration – the Multiverse – and the Infinite Possibilities it holds for businesses and consumers alike. If the pattern holds, you can expect to see and hear much more about the Multiverse very soon!

Human Centered Business | June 2010

Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want”

A quick review of Authenticity, and 10 important issues it impacts. The review makes note that the book addresses these issues “with rigor and eloquence”. Well said, well said.

Exhibitor Magazine | June 2010

“A Novel Approach”

Exhibitor Magazine polled its Editorial Advisory Board to create a summer reading list for 2010. What did they suggest you bring to the beach? The Experience Economy, of course. Just don’t leave it in the sun too long!

CRM Buyer | June 2010

“Social CRM Exacts a New Level of Honesty”

This article points out that in a socially networked age, customers are demanding ever more intimate relationships, and that means that transparency is becoming a characteristic that customers value and look for. The solution, referencing Authenticity co-author and “mega-thinker” Joe Pine: be honest. | May 2010

“Five questions about authenticity and the open source way with Jim Gilmore”

Chris Gram conducts his Five Questions interview with Jim Gilmore about the place where authenticity and the open source way intersect. Good stuff!

Jyske Bank TV | March 2010

“Joe Pine, Part 2: The Transformation Economy”

In this second video interview for Jyske Bank TV, Joe Pine discusses what’s next for the Experience Economy, namely how the concept of transformation is becoming the fifth and final offering in his chain of economic value. Joe discusses why the experience economy is still relevant and gives some examples of how B2B companies are also using experiences to increase sales and improve marketing. Nine great minutes.

Jyske Bank TV | March 2010

“Joe Pine, Part I: On the Internet and The Experience Economy”

In this first video interview for Jyske Bank TV, Joseph Pine discusses how the internet and social media are an extension of the experience economy. He points out companies like Lego as frontrunners and says that those who can make online and offline experiences click, stand to win new markets. Six great minutes.

Schweizerischer Marketing Conference | March 2010

“The Heart Has Reasons that Reason Does Not Understand: The Role of Emotion in Staging Compelling Experiences”

An fantastic video of Jim Gilmore sharing insights about the intersection of experiences, emotional marketing, the intelligence hierarchy, consumer sensibilities, and placemaking.

Blogtalk Radio | March 2010

“Lessons Learned with Jim Gilmore”

In a radio interview with fellow Procter & Gamble alumni Rick Tocquigny, Jim Gilmore shares background on how family, education, and early professional experiences shaped his work ethic and provide sources of inspiration and creativity.

Entrepreneur Magazine | March 2010

“Give ‘Em Something to Crave”

Writer Amy Reinink quotes our own Joe Pine in this article that hits on some of the major principles for staging experiences. The list of tactical and practical tips is a good start for exploring ideas for your own business.

Sound of Ideas on 90.3 WCPN Radio | February 2010

“From Mad Men to Twitter Feeds: How Advertising is Evolving”

Listen in as Jim Gilmore joins a panel interview on National Public Radio affiliate WCPN to discuss Super Bowl ads and the future (or lack there of) of advertising. | January 2010

“Failed labeling effort raises matter of authenticity”

Packaging is an important cue in rendering authenticity, as’s marketing and design editor Jim George points out, citing Pine & Gilmore’s Authenticity when referring to the industry’s defunct “smart choice” campaign. The effort failed and was eventually axed by the FDA when the mark began appearing on food packaging including sugary cereals and fudge bars.

2009 | November 2009

“All Physicians Must be Actors When Performing on the Healthcare Stage”

Pine & Gilmore encourage physicians to recognize that recognize that proper acting with patients helps them tell more of what ails them during diagnosis, better understand treatment choices, and more readily handle the therapy.

HealthLeaders Media | October 2009

“Healthcare in the Experience Economy”

Joe Pine encourages healthcare professionals to pursue four priorities if they want to differentiate themselves from other providers. These four pursuits not only apply in healthcare but in any business that wants to stage engaging experiences for their customers.

Canvas8 | October 2009

“You Never Step in the Same River Twice”

Joe Pine points out that we are the product of our experiences, and each one has the potential to change us. Businesses must therefore understand that the wants and needs of their customers will change over time and prepare to respond accordingly. One way to do so is through modular, flexible offerings. The way to acquire this capability? Mass Customization!

Adweeks 2009 Special Report on Experiential Marketing | October 2009

“Experiential Marketing: Working the Front Lines”

Joe Pine quoted in several instances throughout this report from AdWeek on the state of experiential marketing. It’s important to note that while experiential marketing has its place in the Experience Economy, Pine & Gilmore draw an important distinction between experiential marketing and the experiences themselves.

Mass Customization and Personalization Conference | October 2009

“The Future of Mass Customization”

A summary of Joe Pine’s presentation at this leading conference on Mass Customization. Take a quick spin through several of the fundamental models and ideas, plus new thinking from Joe on mass customization’s increasing influence on design, management, and virtual worlds.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer | July 2009

“Trollbeads, Pandora and Chamilia are the big three collectible-bead companies in the United States”

Jim Gilmore and his wife, Beth, talk to the local paper about the growing trend of personalized charm jewelry, which appeals to the human desire to be perceived as unique – telling their stories one bead at a time.

Monty C. M. Metzger Blog | June 2009

“Jim Gilmore about the Experience Economy”

Monty gets the dish from Jim Gilmore about the upcoming thinkAbout event coming up this September. Find out “Why Philadelphia?” and details about how thinkAbout is designed.

InsideWork 52 | June 2009

“25: Worldview Matters”

An excerpt from The Experience Economy is compared to Matthew 6:43-45 on this list highlighting Ethics, Purpose of Business, Transformation and Worldview. Good business goes far deeper than many people may realize…

Blue Shots TV | June 2009

“Blue Shots Live – Mr. B. Joseph Pine II”

Ronnie Overgoor of Blue Shots, an online television station for creative professionals, interviews Joe about his work, books and business philosophy. Taped during a recent conference in the Netherlands.

Content Evolution | April 2009

“The Experience Economy”

Kevin Clark, President and Founder Content Evolution LLC Worldwide, toasts the authors of The Experience Economy on the 10-year anniversary of the publication of the book.

Independent Record | March 2009

“Serving up authenticity”

At the annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism and Recreation in Montana, Jim Gilmore shares details on the Experience Economy with more than 300 tourism professionals from across the state. | March 2009

“The Future of Shopping: Custom Everything”

As more and more goods, from running shoes to little colored candies can be mass customized to the individual consumer, providing this customization at an affordable price becomes all the more imperative. | February 2009

“Interview with Jim Gilmore, Author of Authenticity

In an interview with Tim Zaun, Jim Gilmore reflects on a number of business imperatives spelled out in The Experience Economy and Authenticity, including Placemaking and Customer Sacrifice. He also touches on the annual thinkAbout and Certification experiences, as well as thoughts about re-invigorating Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region.

Blog Talk Radio | February 2009

“Tia Carr Williams talks to Dr Joe Pine about Authenticity”

Joe Pine discusses the different perceptions of authenticity, and how successful companies are challenged to render themselves “authentic.” The economic crisis has inspired more corporations to find less costly expressions of Experience Economy. | January 2009

“Talks: Joseph Pine on what consumers want”

Customers want to feel what they buy is authentic, but Joe Pine says selling authenticity is tough because, well, there’s no such thing in the business world.

Hamilton Country Business Magazine | January 2009

“Are You Giving Your Best Performance?”

In a review nearly a decade after The Experience Economy was first published, Scott Eckert of Westpoint Financial Group recognizes an important lesson from the book when he writes: “1. you can compete; or 2. you can separate yourself by creating a unique experience that has no direct competition , and therefore you stand alone.” A fitting tribute to the longevity and continue relevance of a book which still resonates with people discovering it for the first time.

Media Archives

IAAPA FUNWORLD Magazine | September 2008

“Satisfy consumers’ demands for authenticity and you’ll capture their hearts, minds, and dollars”

If you make it real, they will come. This comprehensive article discusses authenticity and experience as it pertains to the theme park industry.

Smart Business Cleveland | September 2008

“Authenticity: How to navigate the threshold between what’s real and what’s fake”

In this article, Jim Gilmore explains that authenticity is the new business imperative. In a world increasingly filled with staged experiences, consumers are now making decisions based on how real they perceive any given offering to be.

Lapland Centre of Expertise for the Experience Industry | June 2008

“An Interview with Joe Pine”

In this Q&A for the Lapland Centre of Expertise for the Experience Industry, Joe Pine delves into topics ranging from Mass Customization to Authenticity; touching on tourism, global competition, and – most importantly – what he wanted to be when he was a kid. (Hint: it wasn’t a best-selling author of business books!).

DishyMix Podcast | May 21, 2008

“The Principles of Influential Authenticity, The Experience Economy and Phoniness Generating Machines”

DishyMix host Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media, conducts an exceptional interview with Joe Pine on authenticity. Bratton’s insightful comments and questions reveal that she’s obviously done her homework on the topic. That – plus her broadcast quality production and voice – makes this link well worth the listen.

Intermediair magazine | May 16, 2008

“De Consument Is Het Product”

You don’t need to read Dutch to know that in the Experience Economy, the consumer really IS the product – and authenticity is the new consumer sensibility. But you do need to read Dutch to know what else Joe Pine says in this interview with Intermediair magazine out of the Netherlands.

The Advertising Show | May 9, 2008

“Authenticity is What Consumers Really Want”

Joe Pine is interviewed by The Advertising Show and provides a some key points about authenticity in business. He also talks about some of the tools and techniques available to help render offerings to be more authentic.

The Innovise Guys Podcast | May 2008

“An Authentic Experience With The Innovise Guys”

A lengthy interview with Pine & Gilmore all about their collaboration and the development of ideas that led to the book. Plus bonus material on the Experience Economy and background on the types of participants who are attracted to their annual thinkAbout event.

Corporate Event magazine | April 2008

“Authenticity: The Essential New Event Currency” As Jim Gilmore explains in this informative Q&A session, today’s consumers want to do business with companies that offer more than affordability and quality. They want to buy from companies they believe in. And authentic events can help make them believers.

Brand Packaging | March 2008

“Is Your Brand the Real Deal?”

Brand authenticity is emerging as a new marketing imperative. Joe Pine explains how personal perception is what makes a brand authentic, not the brand itself.

Profit Online | February 2008

“Why authenticity matters and how to avoid looking like a fake”

In this interview with Profit, Joe Pine offers a concise look at Authenticity. Key points are being “true to your own self” and “being who you say you are to others.” This is a good breakdown of the main ideas.

Buzz Canuck | February 2008

“Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want”

Pine & Gilmore often say they don’t write “pop business books”, so the reviewer’s observation that “Some of the content is a bit of tough slugging and high-minded philosophy for the uninitiated, but they do make some very credible arguments and smart practical tips on the importance and need for authenticity,” is right on target and welcomed. Stay cool Buzz Canuck, stay cool.

MarketingProfs | February 2008

“Unreal Marketing: Violating the Axioms of Authenticity”

This excerpt from Chapter 3 of Authenticity, “The Supply of Inauthenticity”, follows Brenda and Eddie, a fairly typical American couple as they encounter a plethora of goods and services whose tag lines are earmarked with “real”, “authentic”, or “genuine”. It’s through these encounters that Pine & Gilmore unveil the first three of their six authenticity Axiom Violations. Read on for what they are. . .

Times Online | January 2008

“Are you an infomaniac?”

This article surveying author James Harkin’s book “Big Ideas: The Essential Guide to the Latest Thinking” rightfully (in our honest opinion!) identifies the Experience Economy as “one of the most influential business theories of the past decade.” Indeed!

Knowledge@WPCarey | January 2008

“Rendering Authenticity: How to Succeed in the Experience Economy”

This online publication of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University neatly reviews some of the key ideas of The Experience Economy and Authenticity, picking up on the important fact that authenticity is a judgment made by the consumer which is linked to self-image, and the consumer desires to purchase goods and services that are closely aligned to that self-image.

Sound of Ideas on 90.3 WCPN Radio | January 2008

“Is Authenticity What Consumers Really Want?”

An hour-long interview with Jim Gilmore on the Sound of Ideas radio show airing on National Public Radio affiliate 90.3 WCPN in Cleveland. Host Dan Moulthrop proves to be a knowledgeable interviewer while insightful and challenging audience questions make this an excellent exploration of Authenticity.

DIMACast Podcast | January 2008

“Interview with Joe Pine”

Listen in as Joe Pine is interviewed prior to his keynote presentation at the annual meeting of DIMA – the Digital Imaging Marketing Association. This excellent interview is a high-level overview of key drivers that are creating the increasing desire for authenticity.

Tom Peters' Cool Friends | January 2008

“Interview with Joe Pine”

Back in 1999 during the initial launch of The Experience Economy, Pine & Gilmore were interviewed at, becoming one of Tom’s’ first-ever “Cool Friends”. Now they reprise their appearance as Cool Friends, this time with a lengthy interview all about Authenticity.

persönlich magazine | December 2007

“Natürlich, echt, Glaubhaft”

Dr. Urs Seilers, friend of the firm and strategic consultant, includes an interview in German with Joe Pine on the topic of Authenticity. Or as they say in German, “Authentizität”. You vill read now. Ve insist it! Video Interview | December 2007

“BizTech Interview with Jim Gilmore”

Thomas Mulready conducts a man-on-the-street video interview with Jim Gilmore at Cleveland’s Legacy Village Lifestyle Center. A revealing and informative interview covering authenticity, and the perception of authenticity, and the Cleveland scene.

PCMA Convenew | December 2007

“Meetings That Move Minds”

Lots of meetings feel like business as usual. In this lengthy interview, Pine & Gilmore share their thoughts about getting out of the meeting rut, including elements that they themselves dial into their annual public meeting experience, called thinkAbout.

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast | December 2007

“What is authenticity really?”

So, how do you create authentic experiences? How do you become more than a commodity? John Jantsch of the popular Duct Tape Marketing podcast asks Jim Gilmore these questions and more in an interview touching on many of the intersections between Authenticity and the Experience Economy. Well worth a listen.

Principled Innovation with Jeff De Cagna | December 2007

“Jim Gilmore on Authenticity”

An excellent podcast interview with Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation, running nearly one hour. In it, Jim Gilmore covers several key topics on authenticity — especially Authenticity Axioms, heritage, and innovation as related to the management and branding of industry associations.

Recognized Expert Radio with Bob Sommers | December 2007

“Jim Gilmore – Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want”

Are you a fake? Are you seen as a fake? Are you real? Are you seen as real? Listen to this detailed interview as Jim Gilmore talks about examining and determining authenticity, and the role it plays for those wishing to become recognized as experts in their chosen field. | December 2007

“Get Real”

A series of Qs & As with interviewer Sue Pelletier of, a portal site for the meetings industry. Good background on polarities, being true to self, and the challenges of site selection!

A Harvard Business Online Conversation Starter | December 2007

“The End of Corporate Social Responsibility”

Pine & Gilmore sound off on the shortcomings of many corporate social responsibility programs, and offer an alternative approach without all the baggage and posturing.

Executive Travel | July 2007

“Blue Skying It: The Future of Air Travel”

Some ideas for improving the day-to-day flying experience. . . from one Joe Pine, well-heeled road warrior who knows a bit about business travel himself! Podcast | June 2007

“Experiences and Branding – Part I”

“Experiences and Branding – Part II”

In this two-part podcast interview, Jim Gilmore goes in-depth into the Experience Economy and its impact on marketing, branding, and product development across numerous industries. Plenty creative twists and ideas along the way.

Forbes | May 21, 2007

“Vain “R” Us” (registration required)

According to Joe Pine, for some people Mass Customization and the advent of digital technology imaging is one way to extend your 15 minutes of fame. Just witness the success of and other vanity driven customized offerings.

BusinessWeek SmallBiz | Spring 2007

“Breaking the Mold”

Says Joe Pine: “When you customize, you separate yourself from the pack. Consumers are seeing some companies offering it, so they think, ‘Why put up with the standard when I can get something done just for me?'”

SmartCity Radio | March 1, 2007

“An Authentic Sense of Place”

Says Joe Pine: “An interview with Jim Gilmore discussing the emergence and growing importance of Authenticity, including one of the first-ever broadcast descriptions of the Five Genres of Authenticity.”

The Manufacturer Magazine | March 2007

“Mass Customization Vs. Mass Production”

Joe Pine sites two keys to Mass Customization success: digitization and modularization. Companies in industry after industry are adopting the concept to gain operating efficiencies and offer flexible solutions.

The Innovise Guys Podcast | February 16, 2007

“The Experience Economy & Innovation”

Joe explains the basic precepts of the Experience Economy, the evolution of the concept, its application today and its relationship to innovation; with a nice kicker of a glimpse of the next Pine & Gilmore collaboration on Authenticity.

Banking Strategies Magazine | September-October 2006

“The Impact of the Customer Experience”

Joe Pine’s interview in the leading financial services industry magazine on why meaningful customer interactions help fight commoditization, especially on the retail side on the banking business.

DIMACast Podcast | September 2006

“Interview with Joe Pine”

An informative interview for the Digital Imaging Marketing Association podcast covering lifestyle and retail centers, placemaking, and the pursuit of growth within a lifestyle niche.

Emerald Insights Magazine | September 2006

“Interview with Joe Pine”

Q&A with Joe Pine on Strategic Horizons, Mass Customization, and the Experience Economy. Some interesting insights into business leaders influencing Joe’s writings, and his pursuit of the single-digit golf handicap.

Bloom Group Newsletter | Fall 2006

“Welcome to the Experience Economy: How a Compelling Concept Formed the Basis for a New Type of Firm.”

Solid background on the how Pine & Gilmore identified the kernels of ideas that became The Experience Economy, and how those ideas led to the formation and function of Strategic Horizons.

St. Petersburg Times | July 19, 2006

“Tapping a market of misfits”

Even though progress towards Mass Customization has hit some bumps in the garment industry, Joe Pine explains that it’s well positioned to be out front in uniquely serving individual customers.

Fast Company | May 2006

“The Temptation of Superfly”

Jim Gilmore offers his perspective on the experiences staged by Superfly, producers of the three-day music & arts festival, Bonnaroo.

AT&T Networking Exchange | November 18, 2005

“New Technologies Bring New Life to Mass Customization”

Technology and software are helping bring craft customization to the masses, but with mass production efficiencies. As Joe Pine explains, “At its simplest, mass customization comes down to efficiently serving customers uniquely.”

Business Week | August 1, 2005

“Get Creative! How to Build Innovative Companies”

In this special report, the magazine looks at how companies get a competitive edge by getting creative. The net result according to BW: innovation moves offerings up the “experience chain”. Of course, we were particularly tickled when the report cited The Experience Economy and our favorite example of this Progression of Economic Value: “The Coffee Progression.”.

Fortune Small Business | February 2005

“Wolves in Shops’ Clothing”

Lifestyle centers make big-box retailers look and feel like small-town shops. Jim Gilmore shares his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can compete.

BusinessWeek | May 3, 2004

“When the Factory Is a Theme Park”(free registration required)

Companies are using their production and storage facilities to give potential customers a rare glimpse at the back of the house, and turning the experience into a marketing opportunity.

USA Today | March 2004

“Who can save a Disney in distress?”

Joe Pine notes that as Disney continues to struggle, the beleaguered company would do well to remember that heritage is the key to being true to yourself.

WFAE 90.7 FM Radio | February 2004

“Charlotte Talks: Interview with James H. Gilmore”

Hear an interview with local Charlotte, NC radio host Mike Collins as Jim Gilmore describes the implications of the Experience Economy.

Wirtschaftswetter | January 2004

“Erlebnis Ökonomie”

An interview, in German, with Joe Pine for this popular on-line magazine. Die Experience Economy ist wunderbar!

Fast Company Magazine | December 2003

“Cheat Sheet: Experience This!”

For 48 caffeine-fueled hours in late September, 81 professionals took to New York’s streets during the 2003 Strategic Horizons thinkAbout.

iWorld Magazine | May 2003

“En la economía de la experiencia, el trabajo es teatro”

Work Is Theatre for Spanish readers too.

Metropolis Magazine | April 2003

“To Buy or Not to Buy?”

Whirlpool and Viking show their wares in new Atlanta spaces – but none are for sale. What’s going on in the home appliance industry?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | April 2003

“To Vliet St. shoppers, the experience matters”

Merchants create lively place that have people coming back to this thriving business district.

Ezone Newsletter | January 2003

“LEGO Company is 2002 Experience Stager of the Year”

Pine & Gilmore explain why LEGO is their pick for the Strategic Horizons Experience Stager of the Year (EXPY) award.

DesignIntelligence | January 2003

“Business Can Use Designer Discipline for More Than Buildings Alone”

Keys to expanding the effective and innovative design projects, including embracing principles from the Experience Economy.

Netzitung Internet | November 2002

“Bezahlen für Erlebnisse”

For those who read German, a short interview with Joe Pine covering Experience Economy advances in Europe.

Iowa State University’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences website | November 2002

“Moser transforms fine dining experience for students, diners”

Pine & Gilmore, Hilton Co-chairs at Iowa State University, influence the curriculum of the Fine Dining Management classes.

Inc. Magazine | April 2002

“Learning Las Vegas”

A brief look at the annual thinkAbout experience. This article covers the 2001 Las Vegas event.

Strategy & Leadership | March 2002

“Pine & Gilmore Stage a Fourth thinkAbout Experience”

A report on the 2001 thinkAbout experience hosted in Las Vegas, as seen through the eyes of an attendee.

DesignIntelligence website | May 2001

“The Design Implications of Mass Customization”

Mass customization changes the way designers and architects do their work.

BusinessWeek | December 2000

“Service So Good It’s an Experience”

Mass production is giving way to mass customization. How do you know? Just send a package via UPS.

The Economist | December 2000

“The personal touch”

Making customers feel special. . .the mass customization way.

The Economist | December 2000

“In the name of experience”

Entire industries try to build brands by giving customers surprising experiences.

Fast Company | October 2000

“Experience Required”

An intensive look at how experiences are affecting design and development in the museum industry.

Wired | July 2000

“Are You Experienced?”

From Anheuser-Busch’s exclusive tropical paradise to VW’s 3-D marketing brandland, the personalized theme park is here.

The Economist | March 2000

“All yours”

Manufacturing companies are increasingly using the Internet to give customers the impression of personal service. But true customization needs new production techniques as well.

BusinessWeek | March 2000

“Customizing for the Masses”

Digital technology lets you order exactly what you want.

BusinessWeek | December 1999

“Xtreme Retailing: Stores fight the online onslaught”

Staging memorable experiences has become a prime way for mall retailers to win back customers lost to on-line shopping.

Mediamatic Design website | October 1999

“Theatre & Emotion in the Supermarket Part 1” and “Theatre & Emotion in the Supermarket Part 2”

Pages 1 and 2, respectively on the Experience Economy as it relates to shopping. The author’s website hails from the Netherlands.

CIO Radio | June 1999

“CIO Radio: Interview with B. Joseph Pine II”

Hear Joe Pine as he expands on a key concept of Mass Customization…anything that you can digitize, you can mass customize.

The Industry Standard | April 1999

“The Experience Economy”

In a classic refrain, the author states of The Experience Economy, “This book scared the hell out of me.

Business 2.0 | December 1998

“All the World’s a Stage”

Say hello to the latest Internet Economy theory: It’s the experience, silly.