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What Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore first articulated in The Experience Economy has now fully come to fruition: leading companies across the globe and in most every industry are now staging engaging experiences for their customers. The Experience Economy is here, and it’s booming.

As a result, many enterprises have responded by appointing Chief Experience Officers to help create what customers are demanding. Often, though, CXOs are left figuring out for themselves what their job should entail – which of course differs from industry to industry, company to company. What’s more, neither business schools nor industry conferences are providing the educational opportunities they need.

That’s where Pine & Gilmore come in, who believe that personally transforming CXOs will be a driver of growth in the Experience Economy. And now they are introducing XCOACH to provide CXOs with their personal, authoritative guidance and insight into the true potential of their position. Through the customized counsel in XCOACH, you’ll attack the unique objectives related to your position, receive specific guidance on particular challenges you face, and gain from expert ideas and responses to your issues and opportunities.

XCOACH is the definitive growth and learning resource for today’s Chief Experience Officer. The goal is to translate new thinking into your daily activities, and help elevate the CXO position into its rightful place in the corporate hierarchy. This is vital in infusing the mindset of experiences into the culture of your organization.

Pine & Gilmore are recognized as the world’s foremost experts on experiences. In your XCOACH relationship you will have rare, unprecedented access to them on all facets of your work.

Coaching CXOs in All Their Roles

XCOACH is structured around a series of one-on-one Encounters with either Joe Pine or Jim Gilmore that are completely customized to your situation. We spend time together establishing a thorough scope of your needs, then formally review your current company’s experiences, and finally co-create refinements, improvements, and outright innovations that will demonstrate your growth. Along the way we provide you with a series of unique solo activities and experiences that are specially selected to enhance your learning.

CXO RolesOur counsel is based on our ground-breaking work guiding the success of many leading Chief Experience Officers, culminating in our own unique multi-faceted framework that describes the distinct roles demanded of today’s complete CXO. (Click here for a PDF of our article “The Roles of the CXO” that details this structure.)

When Chief Experience Officers understand and embrace their proper roles of Catalyst, Designer, Orchestrator, and Champion, then and only then will they become a force for their ultimate role – Guiding true enterprise transformation.

This is where XCOACH wants to take you.

Encounters Custom-Designed to Transform

XCOACH begins with an initial face-to-face exploration of your primary issues and opportunities, including both those currently known and latent ones revealed via deep conversation. The goal is to create a robust Experience Hit List — forming the basis of future XCOACH Encounters and creating a roadmap detailing the order and priority of the work. This day will be scheduled at your location on a date convenient to you.

We will conduct a side-by-side tour of your experience offerings, venues, and events. This survey will inform immediate areas of opportunity and improvement, as well as provide insight into additional innovations. We facilitate this as a collaborative Looking Excursion, formally guiding the observation process to generate new ideas.

The time spent together in XCOACH sessions will increasingly reveal your unique skills, knowledge, and personality. We will use this to recommend a series of tasks to enlarge your perspective on experience staging. This will include a customized selection of places to visit, people to meet, and publications to internalize. The aim here will be to enrich the breadth of your own experiential acumen, contacts, and content.

There will be opportunities during your XCOACH relationship where an in-person meeting will be the best way to work through a particular issue or opportunity. These summits will take place not at your office, but offsite to confidentially discuss your CXO efforts. During this time you can recharge and speak openly about any challenges or concerns you are facing. Pine & Gilmore will of course provide completely independent and unbiased counsel to help you in your journey – returning you to your work with renewed purpose.

Among the many culminations of your work in XCOACH will be a co-designed and collaboratively staged experience that you will present to either an internal or external audience. This will be a public, visual demonstration of the advanced expertise you’ve obtained through your XCOACH relationship – possibly even introducing a new experiential offering that you have designed. The insights you’ll reveal will yield both personal and organizational benefit and begin to redefine your role as a CXO.

Start with a Conversation

XCOACH is a completely personalized solution, revolving around your schedule and needs. That’s why we won’t design a specific set of activities until we have spent time discussing your exact situation and understand how best to structure XCOACH with you.

Think you might be ready to explore the benefits of XCOACH? Fill out the brief form below and click “Submit” and we will arrange for a phone interview with either Joe Pine or Jim Gilmore – to gain common understanding and more fully discuss how XCOACH can benefit you.

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Once we decide to proceed forward together, we’ll then schedule an initial Encounter Day to fully scope future coaching visits and learning  activities to take place over the next six to twelve months.  And as an additional benefit, once in your XCOACH relationship you will have access to “most favored client” rates for Pine & Gilmore offerings, including speeches and workshops that can help advance your cause in your company and expand the influence of your work. These highly discounted rates will not be available anywhere else.

Equip yourself with expert, personal guidance from Pine & Gilmore as well as new thinking tools and frameworks that will re-shape your perspective.  Contact us today to schedule a conversation, and begin to explore how XCOACH can rapidly change the impact you’ll make as a Chief Experience Officer.