Experience Economy Expert Certification Course

Companies in nearly every industry around the world continue to embrace the Experience Economy at a record pace. The demand for experiences is proven; what are needed now are more skilled minds to design and stage experiences that memorably engage.

Pine & Gilmore’s Experience Economy Expert Certification Course credentializes professionals, managers, and executives as officially endorsed experts in a rich portfolio of Experience Economy frameworks, ideation tools, and methods. The focus is on transferring the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for creating and enhancing compelling experiences – either for customers, guests, or employees. All the key elements from The Experience Economy (as well as some elements from Pine & Gilmore’s other works) are explored and taught in depth. Instruction provides complete coverage of Experience Economy principles and models, training in creative Experience Economy facilitation techniques, and approaches for effectively sharing these ideas with others.

What Content is Covered in the Course?

All the key elements from The Experience Economy (as well as some elements from Pine & Gilmore’s other works) are explored and taught in depth, including:

  • Envisioning Experiences: the Progression of Economic Value and ING-ing the thing
  • Depicting Experiences: Hitting the Sweet Spot (4E’s) and THEME-ing
  • Mass Customization: Shifting up the Progression of Economic Value
  • Eliminating Customer Sacrifice (3S’s) and Four Types of Customization
  • Work Is Theatre: Four Forms of Theatre, Dramatic Action, and theatre exercises
  • Beyond Experiences: Guiding Transformations

Instruction provides in-depth coverage of Experience Economy principles and models, training in creative Experience Economy facilitation techniques, and approaches for effectively sharing these ideas with others.

Who Gets Certified?

Pine & Gilmore’s course was designed for anyone who currently practices — or wants to learn — the art of experience staging. Course graduates include everyone from F500 executives through small business owners, marketers to CEOs, trainers, independent consultants, and even academics. We’ve certified executives with 30+ year tenures in their organizations, all the way to professionals who are transitioning in their career. To date, over 300 individuals from countries including the U.S., Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom have completed this intense course to become officially sanctioned as Certified Experience Economy Experts.

What You'll Receive

All course participants receive a complete set of PowerPoint files containing all the frameworks used in the course as well as the workbook text with the details on all the ideas, frameworks, and principles including lists of exemplars — creating a powerful toolbox for executives who want to thrive in today’s Experience Economy. Course participants will also be issued an Experience Economy Certified Expert web-enabled digital logo through Credly, which can be posted online via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms allowing you to openly share your verified Certification status. Lastly, graduates are issued a Course completion certificate suitable for framing (with their unique Certified Expert designation number).

The Results: Putting Certification to Use

Certified Experience Economy Experts will be able to more effectively design and orchestrate experiences within their companies, as well as lead internal or external training sessions using the exclusive proprietary tools and techniques as developed by the world’s leading experts in the field. Course graduates are given a five-year renewable authorization to practice these endorsed methods and models. It is an essential step in developing both the skills and credibility needed to lead successful experience staging projects and training classes, setting your career and company impact on a new trajectory.

Course Scheduling Options


Annual In-Person Public Course

Taught personally by Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, this annual course is usually taught over four days each August in Minneapolis, MN. This is the classic “premier” approach that the majority of our Certified Experts have pursued; it offers the most face-to-face time with Pine & Gilmore, as well as fellow classmates. The four days are spent learning all the core content (including key frameworks and models), participating in facilitated exercises and reviewing facilitation instructions, and open discussion among participants with ideation about alternative applications specific to each participant’s needs.

Fees and Scheduling

Fees for the annual public course are $14,000 per person which includes all materials and some group meals. An invoice for 50% is assessed upon acceptance into the Course. The remaining fees will be invoiced 30 days prior to the Course and must be paid in full prior to attendance. Additional details on lodging and related activities are sent following acceptance into the Course.

Details on the next Course dates will be announced in early 2024. Check back then to confirm your availability and then download an application to the Course!


Private, In-House Certification Courses

Based on market demand from companies who want more in-depth knowledge and understanding of Pine & Gilmore’s Experience content, we now offer private Certification programs on an “in-house” basis to individual companies. This approach is ideal for organizations who want to equip an ensemble of internal change agents intent on creating a more experience-focused enterprise.

The private course presents the same original Pine & Gilmore material as found in the public course, with added focus on the company’s own marketplace challenges and opportunities. It gives whole teams the chance for a once-n-done mindset shift to establish a common language and vision. And we can stage the Course in two ways: live at your location, or virtually. (Either way eliminates the need for participant travel costs!)

Attractive Pricing and a Simple Process

Whether in-person or virtual, certification fees are offered at the reduced rate of $7000 per person for a minimum of eight participants. Just gather your team and identify your course candidates, then choose if you would like the Course to be conducted by Joe Pine or Jim Gilmore. Then simply contact us at 330-995-4680 or Explore@StrategicHorizons.com to begin the registration and scheduling process for an in-house course. Private Certification Courses can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.