The Home of the Experience Economy

The home of the Experience Economy begins with Joe Pine, Jim Gilmore, and Strategic Horizons.
Internationally recognized business thought leaders, Pine & Gilmore originally pioneered the idea of the Experience Economy in the late 1990’s. Subsequent decades of study, writing, and exploring these ideas live with clients around the world have given them unparalleled levels of insight into the nature of staging experiences and the evolution of how companies provide value.
Now, Strategic Horizons offers the tools, experiences, and education to explore and master today’s economic marketplace. Through speaking engagements, direct one-on-one guidance, workshops, and public events, you will find new ways to bring your business to the forefront of the Experience Economy. Using innovative performance techniques refined through thousands of client engagements, Strategic Horizons provides wholly unique perspectives and learning solutions.

We help executives see the world differently.

Pine & Gilmore bring their ideas and frameworks, from the Experience Economy and other works, to life for audiences around the world. From two of the world’s foremost business thought leaders, experience a different kind of learning and expand your horizons.
Incorporate our ongoing guidance and experience into your work to maximize the outcome and further develop your business for success in today’s economy. Receive insightful and customized counsel on your project or for your business.

Workshops, Executive Education, thinkAbout4U, Learning Excursions, and Learning Encounters bring our concepts to your reality. With hands-on interaction you’ll experience the opportunity to learn and expand the application possibilities with your team and Strategic Horizons.

Pine & Gilmore’s exclusive five-day Course featuring intensive instruction in the ideas, frameworks, and approaches of experience staging. Upon completion become an officially sanctioned Certified Experience Economy Expert.

hybrid experiences model

The Model for Hybrid Experiences

Post-COVID-19 the Experience Economy not only must come back for economic recovery, it will come back. But in many situations it will be different. One particular aspect that will be different is experience amplification through hybrid experiences.

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