Dennis Moseley Williams

Dennis Moseley-Williams


DMW Strategic Consulting

Ottawa, ON, Canada

CE #203

Bringing the Experience Economy to the financial services industry. We provide premium consulting services and strategy development for clients who want to be more relevant and meaningful to their audience. We turn processes and predictability into personality and stories about great businesses that spread. We are leading the way in the financial services industry, advocating that it is time to shift away from merely selling investments and advice, to guiding personal transformations for clients. I speak and write about how entrepreneurs and businesses can do more work that matters, facilitate experiences that create an impact and start a conversation, and of course what exactly customer experience is, and why it matters. The Certification Course was comprehensive and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. I’d recommend to anyone to strongly consider enrolling. Mastering the frameworks has enabled me to better help my clients understand the rules and frameworks of experience design and staging.