James W. Cummings

James W. Cummings

Vice President

CXO, F.D., Life Celebration Inc.

North Wales, PA

CE #057

We are a group of licensed funeral directors who have built a “Touch point” training curriculum, communication system and digital print infrastructure that co-creates the most effective grieving-healing and celebratory environment in funeral service today.  My role provides me clear insight into the communication (or more likely the lack thereof) throughout what we refer to as the “Touchpoints” — when a family experiences the loss of a loved one and contacts a funeral home. Through our curriculum I can review and dissect what is being communicated by funeral home staff with grieving families and then weave in our frameworks and methodologies to help the funeral director stage a celebratory and healing environment for everyone.  My Experience Economy Expert Certification has provided me an incredible resource or “Tool Kit” to consistently draw from depending on the psychological, physical and logistical circumstances that a funeral home and its staff are faced with at the time of a loss. I think most importantly it has provided a platform for our company to understand that we can draw from numerous resources — those being people, instruments and models such as the 4E’s, 5 Senses, T-H-E-M-E, the POEV, and our Circle of Life model to name just a few.