Jordi Loef

Jordi Loef


the businessmodellers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

CE #131

We are an investment firm, making money available for dreams, guts and a great plan. We not only invest, but also guide entrepreneurs to their own success. We focus on the happiness of all stakeholders. When making a decision to invest, we first try to understand the motivation (BHAG) of the entrepreneur(s). We work together to sophisticate their businessmodel and then we make a decision to invest or not. This fit is important, because we are also involved in daily operations to make sure customers/guests are always at the center of decisions. My role is therefore more person-based and less company-based. The Experience Economy Certification process helped me make decisions in whom I would like to invest in and whom not. If they believe in the experience economy, it is much more likely there is a better fit between the entrepreneur and us. Really acknowledging the value that is created due to working with experience economy principles helps grow and sophisticate the business.