Kevin Dulle

Kevin M. Dulle


Experience Innovations, NewGround

St. Louis, MO

CE #204

NewGround is an architectural design firm which believes that a new building has the potential to be a business’ greatest impression on the world. It is also your most visible relationship with your community, which is why we start with strategy when crafting solutions.  My role involves applying the principles of the Experience Economy to both internal and external engagements. My primary focus is on strategy development. I leverage the power of visual translations to help our teams and clients to see their ideas and begin believing their goals are possible through visual maps. My Certification has dramatically changed the Why, How and What I do in strategy development and programming. I have come to embrace and apply the power of visual translation by engaging others to create idea maps, goal paths and visual explanations of complex processes. I even help authors and presenters to tell a more memorable story. I follow a simple but powerful formula; ‘Imagine – See – Believe – Do.’ I stage thinking experiences.