Shareef Mahdavi

Shareef Mahdavi


SM2 Strategic

Pleasanton, CA

CE #010

I started SM2 following 16 years as a medical device sales and marketing executive. We work with select doctors’ practices as well as med device and pharma companies that want to serve their customers’ needs in unique and memorable ways. My mission is to help doctors understand that their patients are also their customers. I find true joy helping doctors become smarter about how to run their medical practices. We utilize what we know about serving customers in business to help them be better in serving patients in health care. I do a lot of writing (articles, blog, textbook chapters) for the MD community and it serves as a great way to spread awareness and exposure to everything from customer service basics to the staging of experiences. I draw from Experience Economy frameworks and principles as well as the abundance of resources that Jim and Joe have exposed me to over the years. It was an honor to become Certified Expert #10 in the very first class. I’ve used what I know in lectures, writing, and consulting. I keep in touch with a handful of colleagues from my class as well as others that came behind me and come from the ophthalmic industry. The ROI on this has been “infinite” (as Joe Pine would say).