Tom Frisby

Tom Frisby

Serious Shift Guide

DMW Strategic Consulting

Vernon, BC, Canada

CE #259

We are bringing the Experience Economy to the financial services industry. We provide premium consulting services and strategy development for clients who want to be more relevant and meaningful to their audience. We turn processes and predictability into personality and stories about great businesses that spread. Bottom line is that I transform my clients into better business owners who, in turn, progress the economic value they offer their clients. I work closely with individual clients to help them dial in the Services stage of their business and then guide them as they retool their value offering to provide Transformative Experiences to those they serve. The environment of business is always shifting. The financial services industry is in a period of transition as competitive forces commoditize the traditional value points that financial advisors relied on. Gaining knowledge and understanding of the practical application of the Experience Economy through Certification has enriched me personally and professionally. It has also helped me provide clients a pathway to understanding the transition going on around them and how they can adapt and thrive in their new reality.