Experience Economy Expert Certification Course
August 3-7, 2020 | Minneapolis, MN


The Experience Economy Expert Certification course is intimate, intensive instruction in the ideas, frameworks, and approaches of experience staging.

This annual course, taught personally by Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, certifies executives, managers, consultants, and trainers as officially endorsed experts in Pine & Gilmore's rich portfolio of frameworks, ideation tools and methods. The classroom instruction provides in-depth coverage of Experience Economy principles and models, training and practice in creative Experience Economy facilitation techniques, and approaches for effectively sharing these ideas with others. The focus is on transferring knowledge, skills and resources necessary for creating and enhancing compelling experiences -- either for external clients or internal employees.

To date, more than 270 individuals from countries including the U.S., Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom have completed this intense weeklong course to become officially sanctioned as Certified Experience Economy Experts.

Jim GIlmore

The Experience Economy Certification Course provides:

  • Five days of face-to-face instruction with Pine & Gilmore
  • Five-year authorization to practice the endorsed methods and models
  • Numbered and framed Experience Economy Expert Certificate, signed by Pine & Gilmore
  • PowerPoint files of all frameworks and models used in the course, plus a list of exemplars for each model and facilitation instructions for all exercises
  • Electronic files of the official Experience Economy Certification logos for use in your promotional materials, business cards, and marketing and training collateral
  • Personally signed and inscribed copies of The Experience Economy, Markets of One, and Mass Customization.

The five-day course covers the following:

  • Monday – Envisioning Experiences: the Progression of Economic Value and ING-ing the thing
  • Tuesday – Depicting Experiences: Hitting the Sweet Spot (4E’s) and THEME-ing
  • Wednesday – Mass Customization: Shifting up the Progression of Economic Value; Eliminating Customer Sacrifice (3S’s) and Four Types of Customization
  • Thursday – Work Is Theatre: Four Forms of Theatre, Dramatic Action, and theatre exercises
  • Friday – Beyond Experiences: Guiding Transformations

Joe Pine

Each day consists of:

  • 1/3 of day: Presentation of frameworks and models
  • 1/3 of day: Participation in facilitated exercises and review of facilitation instructions
  • 1/3 of day: Open discussion among participants and ideation about alternative applications specific to each participant’s needs

In addition, some evening dining and other experiences will be scheduled.

Admission into the course requires:

  • Submission of the Experience Economy Certification course application. Each application is individually reviewed by both Pine & Gilmore, who then make the determination of accepted candidates
  • Pre-course phone call with Pine or Gilmore to discuss your personal objectives for leveraging the training and Certification.

The application steps ensure that we admit only those candidates who demonstrate sufficient acuity with the principles outlined in The Experience Economy and who have compelling plans for leveraging their Certification within their organizations or with their clients.

Course applications are available for download here. Completed applications can be mailed to:
Strategic Horizons LLP
105 Woodland Trace
Aurora, OH 44202 U.S.A.

Applications can also be submitted via email to Explore@StrategicHorizons.com

Course Fees:

Course fees are USD$14,000 which includes all materials and most meals. An invoice for 50% is assessed upon acceptance into the Course. The remaining fees will be invoiced 30 days prior to the Course, and must be paid in full prior to attendance.

Additional details on lodging and related activities will be sent following acceptance into the Course.

Questions? Contact Doug Parker at +1 (330) 995-4680 or email: Explore@strategicHorizons.com

Featured Certified Experts

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Private Certification Courses Also Available

Based on market demand from companies who want more in-depth knowledge and understanding of our Experience content, we now offer private Certification programs on an "in-house" basis to individual companies. This approach is ideal for organizations who want to equip an ensemble of internal change agents intent on creating a more experience-focused enterprise.

The private course presents the same original Pine & Gilmore material as found in the public course, with added focus on the company's own marketplace challenges and opportunities. And we stage the course at your location, minimizing participant travel costs.

Private Certification Courses can be scheduled anytime throughout the year. Call +1 (330) 995-4680 or send along your email inquiry now to Explore@StrategicHorizons.com

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