BY Joe Pine

Embracing The Employee Experience


I have long known that the ideas, principles, and frameworks of the Experience Economy (and The Experience Economy) apply to the employee experience, and finally, I have written about it!

My client Rightpoint, a global experience company that is part of Genpact, focuses on helping businesses around the world “create experiences that connect people and drive meaningful outcomes for organizations”. So it gave me the opportunity to write several Point of View pieces for its website, the first of which was  ”Experience-led Transformation in Today’s Experience Economy”. This focused on what companies should do to confront today’s coronacrisis, and how the transformation required should be led by the experiences you should offer your customers, as Rightpoint rightly recognizes.

And of course, that experience results from the experience you stage for your workers, giving them the wherewithal to stage personal, memorable, and engaging experiences for your customers.
That is the thesis of my second Point of View piece for Rightpoint, “Embracing the Employee Experience”.

The Employee Experience is About Time

This article points to data from ADP that shows how dismal employee engagement really is –engagement always being the key factor when it comes to experiences – and then I go on to write:

It’s about time to change that fact.
It’s about time to connect with your employees through a personal, memorable, and engaging employee experience. And the employee experience is about time! Just as the experience you stage for your customers is all about the time they spend with you, so too with the employee experience – it’s about designing the time people spend in your employ that creates value for your customers and simultaneously for your workers and their lives.

The piece goes through the new progression of time model that Jim Gilmore and I introduced in the Preview to the 2020 re-release of The Experience Economy:
Eliminating time wasted, providing time well saved through services. Offering time well spent through experiences, and finally enabling time well invested through transformations, applying each one to the employee experience, with a number of specific examples.

If the employee experience is meaningful to your company – which, really, means if you are in business at all, for the employee experience matters to everyone! – then I encourage you to read “Embracing the Employee Experience”, which you can find in a wonderfully illustrated PDF here.

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