BY Joe Pine

Employee Experiences


The Employee Experiences Economy

I have long thought that, in order to stage an engaging experience for your customers, you have to stage an engaging experience for your employees. You must give them the wherewithal to create a distinctive experience, in particular, embracing theatre by recognizing that whenever employees are in front of customers, they are on stage and must act in a way that engages those customers, the audience of their performance.

But I’ve never written about it! Until now, that is, as I wrote the Foreword to TeleTech Consulting’s whitepaper, The CX Factor: What it takes to win in the new customer experience economy.

More to Come

I do plan on writing more about employee experiences – and more importantly, employee transformations – in the future, but for now do give my Foreword a read to understand my viewpoint. And then go on to read the rest of the whitepaper to learn of the four insights that TeleTech Consulting has for how to embrace today’s Experience Economy.

Keep up with our other books and publications and find out more of our thoughts at one of our public events, through our strategic offerings.

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